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Glue Dots International (GDI) revolutionized the adhesive industry by establishing the pre-formed pressure sensitive adhesive market with the original instant bonding adhesive product, Glue Dots®.

Since 1997, GDI has continued to innovate new adhesive and application products and holds several patents and trademarks for signature brands including Glue Dots®, Glue Lines®, Glue Squares®, Glue Shapes®, Double Dots®, EconoDot®, Auto Dot™ Pro, Dot Shot® Pro, QuikDot™ Pro, and MatrX®.

As the industry leader, GDI continues to develop and manufacture innovative adhesive solutions, offering a clean, versatile, and preferred alternative to tapes, liquid glues and hot glues. Headquartered in Germantown, Wisconsin, GDI is committed to providing superior pressure-sensitive adhesive products worldwide.

GDI was acquired by Ellsworth Adhesives Corporation in 1999 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ellsworth Adhesives.

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About Glue Dots International: