Adhesives & Adhesive Application Equipment

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 Better Performance

  • 10 Minute Start-Up
  • No Char 
  • No Purging
  • No Cleaning
  • No Nozzle Plugs  
  • Improved Safety
  • Accurate & Repeatable

How it works

  • Vacuum system feeds pellets to an in-line melt chamber
  • Pellets are automatically added as needed
  • The InvisiPac System sends a continuous fresh flow of adhesive through production - significantly reducing the time adhesive spends at high temperature
  • Tank-Free design means less char, less nozzle plugging and more uptime

Know more. Be smarter.

With the InvisiPac system's robust reporting capabilities, you have the data to make smart decisions about your line that can improve efficiency, decrease costs, minimize downtime and improve productivity.

  Traditional Tank Systems                  InvisiPac's Tank-Free System

The InvisiPac Difference

      Better Design 

  • Tank-Free Design 
  • Melt-on-Demand
  • First in - First out
  • Less Heat History
  • Thru put - 50lbs/hr.
  • Auto-Feed System
  • Adhesive Tracking

Unlike traditional tanks and many "tankless" systems, the proprietary melt-on-demand technology of the InvisiPac system keeps a steady flow of adhesive feeding in, melting quickly and dispensing immediately. You save on adhesive and costs incurred with unscheduled maintenance downtime.

Get better performance and reliability.

Optimize your process. 

The tank-free InvisiPac system eliminates tank char, nozzle plugging and other challenges that slow down and negatively impact production. You get a steady, consistent flow of adhesive that creates a reliable seal from the first case to the last.